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International best practices in health and safety require every organisation with more than 5 employees to conduct a health and safety risk assessment to identify all health and safety risks that employees may be exposed to.

iCapacity Resource is able to conduct a health and safety risk assessment for every organisation using the 5-step analysis approach:

  1. Dentify the hazards present in the workplace.
  2. Identify those at risk from the hazards, including employees, contractors and visitors. Workers who are particularly vulnerable should also be considered, such as young people, new staff members and new or expectant mothers.
  3. Evaluate the danger, taking into account the likelihood of accidents. Also, identify and evaluate existing controls that are in place to reduce risks.
  4. Record findings on a suitable form.
  5. Review the assessment on a regular basis or when things change, such as when new equipment is installed, processes change or accidents occur.

With our team of professional health and safety professionals, iCapacity Resource also able to conduct special risk assessments for specific industries and activities such as

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment