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Occupational hygiene is the field of science dedicated to the Anticipation, Recognising, Evaluation, communication and control of hazards in the workplace that may result in injury, illness or impairment of workers and members of the community. From physical to chemical and biological exposure to workers and community, from complex organisations such as mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, telecommunication, food processing etc, iCapacity Resource understands the potential occupational health and safety risks our clients face in both their daily operations and longer-term health and safety and hygiene programs. iCapacity Resource provides the highest level of service to our clients with results which are both scientifically rigorous but practical needs of today’s business and community needs. Our industrial hygiene consultants are specialists in Safety, Health Sciences and engineering experts who complement our client needs in occupational hygiene, health & safety, toxicology, hazardous substances, dangerous goods and human health risk assessments. At iCapacity Resource Ltd, our team of consultants are dedicated to providing the best of quality services whiles creating a stress-free environment for your employees and stakeholders.

Some of our consultant activities include:

  • Vibration Assessment
  • Noise Surveys and Measurement Assessment
  • Welding Fumes Assessment
  • Dust Exposure Assessment
  • Bacterial Exposure Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment
  • Lightening Assessment
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing